Projects are defined by the story you want to tell. These assignments can be as long as a few hours or transpire over a day, week, months or a year.

The Farm and Field Gallery is an excellent example of a long-term one-year project. Planting wheat starts and ends with wheat stubble in a field. Then, plowing, disking, spring tooth (raking), fertilizing and planting, followed by growth and harvest.

Kansas Wheat Harvest

Aviation Photography

As a former aircraft owner I always wanted photographs of my Cessna Skylane. Working at Cessna gave me the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best aviation photographers, so I am familiar with the depth of preparation necessary to get a great aviation shot.

Do you own an aircraft and long for the opportunity to have photographs of your personal aircraft for your home or office?

Early Morning Takeoff

Early Morning Takeoff

The photographs in the Aviation Gallery are examples of the images I can create for you. They come from assignments, Cessna Flyer Magazine articles, travels with NetJets and trips in a Cessna Skylane all over the US. Some of the photographs combine multiple images to create the final photograph using Adobe Photoshop editing.

Contact me to discuss how I can support your objectives for your photography requirements.

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