The Gallery consists of three main sections: Aviation, People & Places plus Project Photography.

The Aviation Gallery includes photographs from flying all over the US, into Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas and the Caribbean. When traveling either in our single engine Cessna Skylane or a Citation Business Jet, I always had a camera handy. Other photographs were on purpose projects for aircraft owners or as part of an aviation article for the Cessna or Piper Flyer Magazines. Shot from either the ground or from the cockpit you will have a view from a close up view of an approaching aircraft or the pilot’s seat in the cockpit.

The Outdoors Gallery will take you to some of my favorite locations in the Grand Tetons or Colorado Rockies. I came across Grand Teton National Park years ago and its allure continues drawing me back year after year.

The Project Gallery is an ongoing challenge to find interesting subjects that are off the beaten path. Kansas has no scenic sea shores or majestic mountains. However, there is beauty in the Great Plains that can be found if you look for beauty within 5 miles of where you live.



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