Years Flying and Photographing
1954 – 2012

Charles’ aviation background gives him an excellent foundation for his photography applications.

Sixty years of aviation experience started with his first flying lesson in 1954. Building on this background starting with simple fabric covered trainer aircraft led to complex piston aircraft and finally to business jets in the Citation III and XLS medium jet class.

After 20 years with business jet manufacturers, he flew as a Captain for Netjets, Inc. flying all over the US with occasional trips to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. During this time his writing and photography emerged as a contributing editor for the Cessna and Piper Flyer Magazines. With 10 years experience writing articles on destinations, equipment reviews and safety issues, photography is a key part of telling the story. Some of the portfolio images first appeared in these magazine articles.

Twenty years ownership of a 4 passenger Cessna Skylane was the platform to go over the horizon searching out new destinations for fun and adventure. Small aircraft are the magic carpet to locations for photography fun and adventure.

Today the magic carpet is a 5th wheel travel trailer pulled by a diesel quad cap pickup truck

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