General Carl Epting Mundy, Jr. 30th Commandant of The United States Marine Corps

Hello shipmates, Carl Epting Mundy, Jr. was an outstanding Marine, loving husband, proud parent, fond grandparent, and as second lieutenant to his 3rd Basic Class of 1957 a classmates, a friend who did well while holding to his high values during his time on this earth. A highlight of the church service was the “Time of Remembrance” with stories told by Carl’s grandchildren. This was a side of Carl that revealed how much he cared for all his family. The Marine Corps bass singer’s powerful voice made The Lord’s Prayer a performance to remember. Procession to Green Hill Cemetery and the burial service were supported by the Marines as only they can do with dignity and respect for one of their own. As the Marines stood at ease in the rain after marching to the cemetery, then came to attention, saluted and presented arms. You could hear the faint “wop wop” increase in crescendo as the Marine MV-22 Osprey flight of four approached the site and popped over the trees with salutes rendered as Number 3 breaks up and left out of formation as the missing man, a moving tribute to Carl. The first link below is a YouTube private link picture story. These photographs from many sources capture to dignity and solemn nature that we all shared saying goodbye to a family member, friend and comrade. No photographer could be in all the places captured in these photographs and let us know how much everyone especially the United States Marine Corps contributed to this occasion. Some of the photographs have a very soft focus that is not very sharp. Think of this as the tears that moistened many eyes during day celebrating the life of Carl Mundy.

General Carl Mundy, Jr. Funeral Service (A Picture Story) Waynesville, NC April 19, 2014

Below is a Youtube video in the public area that captures the Procession to Green Hill Cemetery and the graveside service. The Marine Drum & Bugle Corps music on the sound track adds dignity the scene paying last respects to their former Commandant.

General Carl Mundy, Jr. Procession to Cemetery & Burial Video, Waynesville, NC, April 19, 2014

HeadStone-1 HeadStone-2           20140419_Mundy Funeral_0066

 The Proud, The Goettge Few

Front Row: Dot Osterman, Fay Mullally, Dan Mullally, Bev Davison, Col. Paul Riegert, (son of Capt. T. Paul Riegert, G-1 Platoon Commander). Back Row: Joe Osterman,  Charles Lloyd, Austin “AT” Moore, Hollis Davison


Proud parents Joe and Dot Osterman with their son Maj. General Jodi Osterman with AT Moore looking on.

The conclusion is that the two photographs above show that these sons and the other sons of 3-57, Brigadier General (Selected for Maj. Gen.) Carl “Sam” Mundy, III, Col. Tim Mundy and Col. Mike Orr are carrying on the traditions of the Corps in which we can be proud of all of them.

Semper Fidelis, Charles Lloyd E-3-57

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